Bridge Biotechnology

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4th December

Bridge Biotechnology is a division of one of our long standing clients the Bridge Group of Companies. Our client is keen build awareness of a highly innovative product which is quite distinct from their core business. Art is an Option has worked closely with them to devise a suitable strategy for presenting the new business and its products.

Firstly we developed an overall brand for Bridge Biotechnology. In parallel an over-arching website was developed which explains the technology and the potential markets. The second exercise was to take their initial product “esol” and develop its own unique brand and present it within the website. We have used case studies to help explain the technology, the ecol product and also highlight the technologies huge potential for future development of environmentally friendly and sustainable sanitising solutions.

The Ochil Soap Company

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4th December

The Ochil Soap Company is based on the slopes of the Ochil Hills, a beautiful Scottish landscape that has inspired this natural product. All their soaps are made from raw ingredients, using the cold process for soap making. Their candles are lovingly made from a beautiful blend of Natural Oils & Butters with Soy Wax. The Ochil Soap Company approached Art is an Option to help develop packaging for a new range of soaps and candles. The goal was to create a packaging solution for their new Siabann Range.

The packaging obviously needed to reflect the handmade luxury of the product, while remaining relatively cost effective. As a new range the The Ochil Soap Company needed the design solutions to be flexible enough add new product to the range. As a direct response to the brief we developed the idea of … Read More »


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4th December

One of our clients, Braden Limited developed a new product called Protex-H which they wanted to bring to market. The product uses Heat Shock Technology (HST) which helps the body to deal with the stress incurred during and after international travel and after many sporting activities.

Bradan were keen to build brand awareness of this exciting product. Art is an Option has worked closely with them to develop a dynamic looking visual identity. We have therefore created strong and striking graphics for Protex-H and delivered these consistently through all their packing, advertising, leaflets and here on the website. The website is also designed to exude an energetic look and feel. The site promotes the product and explains what the benefits of Protex-H are and how to take it.

Each page has a clear call to action, ranging from, how Protex-H works to … Read More »

The Bard – Board Game

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4th December

A board game based on the life and works of Robert Burns. Inspired by the client’s dream and family knowledge of the Bard, Art is an Option developed the game’s design through numerous prototypes to allow the client to test-market and develop it. The game is designed for up to 8 players contains over 150 questions. The overall packaging has an outer sleeve which can be adapted so it can be customised for specific retailers. While the box contains: Playing Board, 2 sets of questions, 8 player pieces, a die and a set of rules.

The Bard – Board Game was a rich opportunity to design something complex that also needed to be engaging and simple to use. Our major input into all aspects of the game even extended to helping identify the imagery for each of the eight of Burn’s … Read More »