Albion Mobility

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14th October

Albion Mobility is a family run company who supply an extensive range of mobility equipment. The business has enjoyed steady growth and felt their old brand no longer reflected where the company.  The re-branding was designed to look much more aspirational and hint at the huge difference Albion Mobility could bring to their customer’s mobility. The logo and company ethos is reinforced with the strap line – We Care, We Listen, We Inspire.

The new logo was the first step in creating a new visual identity which we are rolling out as a key part of their communication and marketing strategy.  One of the first design outputs was updating the Albion Mobility – vehicle livery. Their vans operate throughout Scotland and therefore provide a really cost effective way of building brand awareness.

In addition to the van decals we also designed and … Read More »

Iona Community

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14th October

Following extensive design work we did at St George’s West Church (a prominent church based in the centre of Edinburgh), we were recommended to the Iona Community. The contract was to produce several signs at this historic and sensitive site. Signs can superficially sound a bit utilitarian however; at Art is an Option we think signage if property designed will make a very strong statement about the ethos of an organisation or business.

The Iona Community brief was to design and manufacture a welcome sign plus several other items. One the welcome sign we have used graphics that reflect the spiritual nature of the community combined with photos of the key buildings. The communities’ value statement is prominent but we have chosen to use fairly discreet symbols to highlight the toilets, café, shop and information centre.

Structurally the sign is made from … Read More »

Clackmannanshire Tourism

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14th October

Art is an Option has worked closely with Clackmannanshire Council and local tourism businesses to promote the hidden gem which is Clackmannanshire!

Clackmannanshire Tourism has much to shout about and while we have used brochures, exhibitions and press releases, building a website provides the opportunity for the “wee county” to speak to the biggest of audiences. The site provides the opportunity to tell the story un-restricted by word count and is actively linked to social media.

The Clackmannanshire Tourism website showcases the area as having some of the best terrain in Scotland for outdoor activities. The Ochil Hills provide a great location for hill walking and the growing sports of mountain biking and hill running. There are a myriad of cycle paths and routes. Families can enjoy cycling around Gartmorn Dam, or along the Devon Way. Firpark Ski Centre, Tillicoultry, offers a … Read More »

Alva Community Council

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14th October

One of the “hill-foot” villages Alva is a stunning little piece of Scotland. The village backs onto a rich forest landscape which has a rich path network that gives walkers the opportunity to explore this stunning glen and beyond. Several paths expend up the glen and up to the Ochil Hills.

The Alva Community Council interpretation team is a very experienced group with lots of expertise. The group pulled together the text and resources covering the geology, social history, a little archeology and the ecology of this fascinating piece of woodland. The group recognized that for their panels to have maximum effect they needed to be professionally designed. The group decided to work Art is an Option so we could help organize the content together with producing finished designs and artwork for four interpretative panels.

We wanted the boards to be both … Read More »

Friends of Kings Park

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14th October

We have a long history to working with the “Friends of Kings Park”. Our relationship goes back many years and encompasses a large number of projects including:

A biodiversity project which ranged from the production of an interpretation board located at the entrance of the ”Peace of Mind Garden” to helping with a children’s drawing competition. Many of the drawings were used in the panel graphics, while some drawings were developed intro little mosaic sculptures and positioned in the garden.

Another project was to produce a panel displaying the Friends of Kings Park – Heritage Trail. This panel highlighted many of the amazing things that have happened in Kings Park over the years. Events ranged from troops congregating for the Battle of Sheriffmuir in 1715 to planes landing here in 1911 as part of the Circuit of Britain Air Race. Art is an … Read More »

Stirling Council Cemeteries

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14th October

The aim of this project was to have orientation maps located near the entrance to each of the Stirling Council Cemeteries. All of the cemeteries have a great many plots which are recorded on complex technical drawings held in the Stirling Council offices. The focus of this project was to redraw the plans so they would be much more user friendly looking. Our clear graphics will help visitors to easily find the plot of their passed away relative or friend.

We designed and built low maintenance metal lecterns with insert panels that can be updated as and when cemeteries expand. To make the panels more attractive and add interest we have researched and told the story of each of the cemeteries on their respective panels.

Forth Trail

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14th October

The Forth Trail was developed to promote the Forth River and give both visitors and locals an insight into the river’s rich natural environment and history. We extensively researched and compiled all the information and then set about developing a route map, identifying archive materials and taking new photographs and writing all the content.

The route starts in the heart of Stirling at Forthside and is heralded with a large gateway sign. There are 5 separate stone plinths situated along the 4.9 mile route which highlight points of interest, there is also a Gateway sign located upstream at Craigforth.

In addition to the interpretation we also designed and produced a large print run of leaflets showing the route and giving readers a lot of complementary information.

Heritage Plaques

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14th October

Art is an Option was asked to design and produce a series of thirty seven Heritage Plaques.

This historic trail is located at various sites to give visitors and locals an insight into Stirling’s historic buildings and places. There are several totally “unique” plaques in the set such as the Stirling Bridge plaque but most conform to a house style which has a common relief image on left hand side of the design which was inspired by one the town seals but have text customised for each historic location.

The plaques are manufactured in caste aluminum with both the lettering and image in relief. The raised surface is highlighted in gold enamel which is set against a coloured background which is stove dried to give the enamels a hardened finish.

The plaques have been designed so they can be fitted sensitively to wall, … Read More »

Forth Housing

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14th October

We designed the Forth Housing Tenants’ Handbook using large type and an attractive open design style packaged together in a custom made A5 Folder. All font sizes adhere to the Associations accessibility guidelines and 2 ring binders allows individual pages and sections to be cost effectively updated. The folder is manufactured from polypropylene which can be directly printed onto in full colour.

Since its original production the folder has worked well and as policies and legislation changes, updates have been issued to the Forth Housing Tenants.

Ochil View Housing Association

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14th October

We have worked with Ochil View Housing Association right from its inception over 25 years ago. The Association’s corporate goal is; “To provide quality, affordable and sustainable housing and associated services for people in housing need whilst protecting the long term viability of the Association”.

Our goal is to ensure that though well designed Tenants’ Handbooks, Newsletters etc. the tenants are well informed and engaged with the association and it’s work.

Our most recent project had been the design and printing of their Annual Report which communicates all the key activities of the year but also celebrates 25 years of providing quality social housing.