NHS Greater Glasgow

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24th May

Based on our proven track record of delivering large projects on time and in budget Art is an Option

were engaged to deliver the diverse training materials to help bring about cultural change to the many

staff working for this large Health Board Area. This very comprehensive project was driven by a strict

timetable; where clear milestones were set very early in the project. The full project had a two year delivery


There were multiple outputs including:

Training packs, interactive games, large info. graphic panels to illustrate the new processes to staff. The

work also involved design and print of training manuals and booklets, PowerPoint presentations and

extending to an intranet training platform for their Central Decontamination Unit.

We even produced “much sought after” certificates to award to staff as they achieved their learning goals.

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West Lothian Child Protection Committee (WLCPC)

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24th May

The aim of the campaign was to highlight the difficult issues that surround protecting vulnerable children.

Art is an Option working with the WLCPC agency developed the idea of using real stories which addressed

four main areas of concern within the child protection service.

We used an illustrative approach which allowed us to involve the participating children while protecting the

individuals identities.

The campaign was delivered through a range of outputs from poster and leaflets through to edited clips of

the DVDs being published on YouTube.

Particular resonance was brought to the core messages on the DVD as the narration was done by the

actual children who’s stories were being told.

Check out the PDF here

Make Your Smile Count

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24th May

Following a competitive tender, Art is an Option were selected based on our proven track record combined

with the creativity of our tender proposal.

The Health Board brief highlighted that there are lots of “numbers” associated with good dental health for


– Brush your teeth 2 times a day.

– Get Dental Checks-ups every 6 Months etc.

Art is an Option developed the concept of face painting appropriate looking people drawn from the target

groups for each message.

Our approach created a very strong visual but also proved an excellent way to engage with a wide


Outputs ranged from engaging with the general public in shopping centres, schools etc. where campaign

images were projected on the walls of venues along with using pop-up displays.

A personal touch was added to the communication strategy by getting health promotion … Read More »

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