At Art is an Option, we have been helping clients realise design visions since 1983.  At the heart of our business is owner Trevor Andrews, who ensures we stay true to the artistic concepts he learned while studying for a Fine Arts degree at Belfast and Exeter. The name of the company, a play on the word “Artisan”, reminds us that unique creations of quality and distinction can be accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Over the last thirty years, we have grown and changed along with the industry itself. Back in the beginning, everything was hand drawn with paper and pens and typesetters were employed to lay out posters and pamphlets. By the early 1990s, computing had revolutionised our industry and opened up a huge array of opportunities for Art is an Option to help our clients express themselves with creative and artistic solutions.

Undoubtedly the biggest change Art is an Option has witnessed over the years is the digital revolution brought on by the internet.  More and more the designs created by Art is an Option are deployed on screen rather than on paper – and as the digital opportunities have developed, so has the need to assist our clients with artistic solutions in new ways and in new places.

What hasn’t changed over the years is the Art is an Option approach to design. Design has to be functional – it has to convey information. But at Art is an Option we strive to make design both beautiful and artistic, giving it a quality and depth that makes it leap out and grab your imagination. The art in standing out from the crowd is in the art itself.

From our base in Alloa, in the heart of beautiful Clackmannanshire, we have been crafting artwork and design solutions for nearly 35 years. Our story is one of many unique creations for many wonderful clients – we’d love your company to become part of our story and for us to become part of yours.  Get in touch and together we’ll create an artisan solution to take your brand and design to another level.