How we do it

Over the last thirty years, we have honed the design journey we take with our clients from concept to conclusion, but the journey always has the same steps:

Step One: First of all, we spend time listening to you and what you want. Nobody understands your business and what you are trying to achieve more than you. We simply help tease that information out and translate it into a corporate brand and a visual identity.  We’ll also consider your business from different angles, ask lots of questions and seek to fully understand your key values and objectives. Only once we’re sure we’ve got all of the information we need will we move onto the creative.

Step Two: Back in the Art is an Option Studio we will spend lots of time brainstorming, debating and throwing ideas back and forward until language starts to give way to design.  We’ll develop the best of these concepts and prepare to show you different ways to express your brand to the world.

Step Three: We hand over the design concepts to you and give you time to live with them and start to build a connection. At this stage we also encourage you to share these concepts with trusted colleagues and event clients – the more comprehensive the feedback, the better. Once you’ve started to gravitate towards certain concepts, we’ll refine the ones you like until we’re both happy that we’ve got the perfect design and the perfect brand

Step Four: We’ll work with you to roll out your new brand across websites, marketing materials, signage, advertising and all places where your brand will connect with your customers. Then we’ll quietly retire into the background until you next need us, leaving you to revel in a wonderful new image!