Alva Community Council

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One of the “hill-foot” villages Alva is a stunning little piece of Scotland. The village backs onto a rich forest landscape which has a rich path network that gives walkers the opportunity to explore this stunning glen and beyond. Several paths expend up the glen and up to the Ochil Hills.

The Alva Community Council interpretation team is a very experienced group with lots of expertise. The group pulled together the text and resources covering the geology, social history, a little archeology and the ecology of this fascinating piece of woodland. The group recognized that for their panels to have maximum effect they needed to be professionally designed. The group decided to work Art is an Option so we could help organize the content together with producing finished designs and artwork for four interpretative panels.

We wanted the boards to be both informative and attractive so we augmented the group’s archive photos with additional illustrations for each of the panels to help illustrate and better communicate the information and stories. The final installation of lecterns and panels was carried out by the Alva Community Council and local volunteers as a part of the process of community engagement.

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