Ballintine’s – Distillery

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Glenburgie Distillery was founded in 1810. In 2004 an entire new building was opened adjacent to the old distillery. The new distillery is a state of the art facility capable of producing the historic taste of this wonderful malt whisky in a 21st century working environment.  This new ergonomic building has a single working platform and central control workstation. Clear visibility is a key feature of the interior design so when Art is an Option were asked to design and build an exhibition on the main working area of the distillery we felt it was essential we complemented these values in our design.

We elected to use one of the stylish Fairfield Display Systems which combine a quality look along within a flexible frame work so the exhibition would inform and enrich this working environment without hindering movement around the working area. The actual panels reflected the look and feel of Glenbugie Malt Brand and told the story of the distillery’s history along with its importance as a key component of Ballintine’s blended whisky.

Ballantines-Glenburgie-01 Ballantines-Glenburgie-02

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