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Sheriffmuir – Project Scoping

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17th November

Collaborated with CM Solutions, project included, community liaison and associated marketing and PR, story research tied into an interpretative strategy which also integrated with scoping extensive cycle and path network, project branding, brand development and project design.

The concept was to create a graded network of paths (some new, some existing) and mountain bike trails. It was envisaged that there would be a Park Centre providing parking, visitor facilities and information, and also a viewing platform overlooking the historic battlefield and incorporating a reconstruction of part of the North Atlantic Wall, a WW2 military training area situated just to the east of Sheriffmuir Park.


The project scoping focused on 5 main activities:
Consulting with community and user groups, in order to test and refine the trail concept.
Developing detailed trail designs in response to these consultations.
Establishing Outline Budgets
Identifying a potential location for “The Observatory”.

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