Diageo Manuals

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We were asked by Diageo to produce a series of brand technical manuals. The objective of the diageo manuals was two-fold.

Firstly the manuals were intended to hold the sensitive product information on each brands specific ingredients etc. For this element of the job we supplied A4 branded shells which we supplied as pre-printed sheets. This allowed us to supply quality branded paper while still enabling the sensitive information to be laser printed securely within the Diageo brand technical centre.

The second function was to create quality folders, tab-dividers and colour swatches showing specified brand colours. Each of the manuals had to capture the quality of these iconic brands and therefore needed to be produced to exact pantone colours.

Diageo manuals were produced for each of the following: Gilbey’s Gin, Gordon’s Gin, Gordon’s Sloe Gin, Malibu, Pimm’s, Archers, Smirnoff, Tanqueray and Johnnie Walker.

In addition to the very high specification design and printing used for Diageo Manuals we also print a lot of the internal stationery which is used to record product movements within the various facilities. Generally produced as NCR forms (sometimes known as carbonless duplication books), these 2 or 3 part books or pads are usually sequentially numbered allowing the product journey to be easily tracked.

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