Iona Community

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Following extensive design work we did at St George’s West Church (a prominent church based in the centre of Edinburgh), we were recommended to the Iona Community. The contract was to produce several signs at this historic and sensitive site. Signs can superficially sound a bit utilitarian however; at Art is an Option we think signage if property designed will make a very strong statement about the ethos of an organisation or business.

The Iona Community brief was to design and manufacture a welcome sign plus several other items. One the welcome sign we have used graphics that reflect the spiritual nature of the community combined with photos of the key buildings. The communities’ value statement is prominent but we have chosen to use fairly discreet symbols to highlight the toilets, café, shop and information centre.

Structurally the sign is made from a pan-folded aluminium. This manufacturing solution enables the sign to be invisibly mounted onto the visitor centre. The matt laminated vinyl which is applied to the aluminum substrate ensures good colour fastness and longevity for the sign which is located on a fairly exposed coastline.

iona-sign1 iona-sign2 iona-sign3

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