Protex-H Packaging

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One of our clients, Braden Limited developed a new product called Protex-H which they wanted to bring to market. The product uses Heat Shock Technology (HST) which helps the body to deal with the stress incurred during and after international travel and after many sporting activities.

An intrinsic part of the overall brand is the Packaging which is displayed on all marketing, advertising, leaflets and on the website. The Protex-H packaging therefore reflects the brand values with the look and energy from the logotype.

Although the product is fully organic we made a decision to manufacture to a very high specification using best features of Pharmaceutical Packaging. The boxes have tramper proof ends and all necessary information on the boxes; we feel this care reflects the special qualities of Protex-H.

ProtexH-Packaging-01 ProtexH-Packaging-02

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