Here at Art is an Option we love helping clients take their story off the page and into the real world at exhibitions. Exhibitions can either be permanent or temporary but how they interact with the available space is vitally important.

Our permanent exhibitions are generally found at visitor attractions or in reception areas. They can be used to educate or advertise to new customers, or they can be used to immerse staff in your company brand values with a constant visual reminder of what you do and why you do it.

An Art is an Option permanent exhibition is always a bespoke solution. Our visitor displays are always sympathetic to the space they occupy, enhancing rather than overwhelming. We take the time to consider how the exhibition will look when it first opens and how it will look in five years, choosing material and creating solutions that will truly stand the test of time. For example, at the Church of the Holy Rude in Stirling we worked closely with the congregation to create an exhibition that is still being enjoyed sixteen years after it was first installed.

Our temporary exhibitions are different in that while they always enhance their space, they go all out to overwhelm your competitors and attract customers to your company and your brand at busy trade shows. There is both an art and a science to creating great temporary exhibitions. First they need to grab the attention of your potential customers from a distance as they survey the room; they then have to offer a clear and powerful reason for them to stop at your stand as they pass by; finally, they need to offer engaging and informative material.

From simple pop up banners to step-on trade show exhibition stands to display cases and interpretation boards at visitor centres, an Art is an Option exhibition delivers and instant attraction that turns into a lasting relationship.

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