From Iron Age forts to industrial chimneys, we are lucky here in the UK to have such a rich and varied history with evidence of it surrounding us everywhere. We often don’t realise it is there – and that is where a well-crafted interpretation project and make a huge difference.

At Art is an Option we work with heritage organisations and communities to create interpretation solutions that enhance historic buildings and landscapes by giving context to them. We create a brand that links the present with the past, while educating and informing visitors in an entertaining and engaging way. We create a physical infrastructure through interpretation panels and boards, installed on location with interpretation lecterns that are sympathetic and in keeping with their surroundings.

An Art is an Option interpretation project engages with visitors through three key aims – learning, behaviour and emotion. We want visitors to learn about the key events and people. We want visitors to have a deeper understanding, respect and pride in their area. We want visitors to be become curious to go away and learn more.

We can also go beyond traditional interpretation – for example, with the Stirling Heritage Trails we added audio tours that are accessible with smartphones and we worked with local primary schools to let pupils draw pictures from Stirling’s past and used many of them on our interpretation boards.

We want our interpretation approach and material to become part of the story – in twenty years’ time we want the pupils who took part in our art competitions to visit with their children to learn about this history of the site and to remember their part in interpreting it.

There is art in what we do – and we’re proud that we’re doing our bit to promote the wonderful heritage that surrounds the country we’re proud to call home.

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