There is an art in standing out from the crowd in any marketplace and great packaging will do that for any product. At Art is an Option we love creating perfect packaging across multiple industries that showcase products wonderfully. Any marketing strategy takes customers on a journey which ends with them reaching out and physically touching a product. The packaging that they grasp has to be a reward for their journey and has to make them relish the thought of the unwrapping to find the prize within.

Whether it is a label for a bottle, or a box for a board game, at Art is an Option we create packaging that combines brand values with practical thinking.

For example, when we were approached to design a range of packaging for a frozen food range to be sold all over Europe, we had to think about protecting the food from both the inks used in printing and the way the packaging would stack in freezers.

When we worked with Forth Brewery on bottle labelling for their Dark Alloa Lager, we had to design something that stood out on a supermarket shelf with hundreds of other choices while reflecting the rich brewing heritage of Clackmannanshire.

With all of our clients we give careful thought to maximising the impact of the packaging while minimising the amount required for recycling and environmental reasons. We work with specialist packaging manufacturers to ensure we give you great design advice backed up by the latest developments in technology and materials. We print 3D prototypes in order that you can get a hands on feel for the packaging at the earliest opportunity.

This fusion of brand, design, development and construction ensures that an Art is an Option packaging project delivers a truly outstanding product that stands out on the shelf.

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