Printing has come a long way since the first two hundred copies of the Gutenberg Bibles were created and sold at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 1455. What hasn’t changed is the buzz that’s created around a well-crafted and beautifully printed publication.

In an age of smartphones and ebooks, it is easy to assume printing is under threat in the twenty first century. At Art is an Option, we believe that as long as we still love the feel of quality paper, seek out beautiful design and enjoy the way paper interacts with its surroundings and with us, there will always be a place for printing in the modern world.  Ask your customers what they prefer – eshots or brochures?

We spent a great deal of time considering what material to use with our designs. We knew when designing and producing a brochure to promote tourism in Clackmannanshire that little touches would make the difference between a good and a great publication. That’s why we used a tactile recycled paper called “Cocoon Offset”, with its 100% recycled and astonishingly white, smooth and opaque finish. That’s why we brought a special feel to the cover by applying a spot UV finish to the River Forth so that it sparkled and shone in the light and really lifted from the page.

We also spend a great deal of time considering the more practical aspects of print. When working with Northumbria Byways on their annual holiday brochure, we kept it under 68 pages and under 100g so as not to incur a 60% jump in postage costs.

Printing technology continues to evolve and one of the most exciting developments in recent years is in digital printing which allows for small changes to be made during a print run. Now we can personalise aspects of printing to make each item speak to one person – immediately creating a connection with your customer.

Whether you are looking for a corporate brochure or a company catalogue, our exceptional design skills and our comprehensive print solutions will ensure you receive printed material that is both artistic and functional.

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