We all now lead two subtly different lives – one in the physical world and one in the digital world. For twenty years a website has been a vital part of any business and we work with our clients to ensure their online presence is perfectly in tune with their offline presence. Technology has advanced massively in recent years meaning your customers connect with your business on multiple devices at different times and in different places. That means every time they visit your website, they have a slightly different experience. We ensure that your brand is consistent across all platforms. We ensure that your website is responsive to your customers’ needs and delivers a powerfully engaging experience.

Technology is advancing so fast that your website can start to date in months rather than years. That’s why we build websites with their feet firmly planted in the present, but with their eyes fully focused on the future. Our websites are mobile enabled, meaning they work perfectly on any screen size.  We use software solutions that give you a huge degree of freedom for content management – you’ll be able to change the words and images so that your website is responsive to your needs and responsive to your customers’ needs.  We’ll deliver a website solution that grows with technology and grows with your business.

What makes an Art is an Option website stand out from the crowd is the design. No matter how functional and future proof a website is, if it is not pleasing to use and pleasing to look at, it runs the risk of not connecting with your customers.  We will create a website that is stunning, well-conceived and a pleasure to use.  Don’t just take our word for it – look at some of the companies we’ve worked with recently.

We can also assist with associated website services – from copywriting to sourcing images. From e-commerce solutions to search engine optimisation. From domain names to webhosting. From Twitter to Facebook and all other major social media platforms.

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