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4th December

One of our clients, Braden Limited developed a new product called Protex-H which they wanted to bring to market. The product uses Heat Shock Technology (HST) which helps the body to deal with the stress incurred during and after international travel and after many sporting activities.

Bradan were keen to build brand awareness of this exciting product. Art is an Option has worked closely with them to develop a dynamic looking visual identity. We have therefore created strong and striking graphics for Protex-H and delivered these consistently through all their packing, advertising, leaflets and here on the website. The website is also designed to exude an energetic look and feel. The site promotes the product and explains what the benefits of Protex-H are and how to take it.

Each page has a clear call to action, ranging from, how Protex-H works to … Read More »

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

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29th November

This was an important and substantial project we undertook for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. Art is an Option was approached by Hugh Brawley of Evolution an organizational change company to provide all the supporting material for their “Cultural Change Programme”.

Following a project risk assessment we won the contract based on our proven track record. This was based on a similar project for Motorola which we had delivered on time and in budget.

In total our design, printing and production work extended to the production of twenty training booklets. The booklets were augmented by equal number PowerPoint presentations, training maps and many other exercises. The project was a great success and contributed to NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde embracing new technology along with better conceived work Lean Sigma based processes.