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ACE Recycling

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4th April

Recycling is at the heart of Ace’s business. With their reach stretching across Scotland, they needed a website that was strong enough to back them up. Designing a platform that allows Ace to promote their connections to business and the community and to further promote their worthwhile causes such as their for CARERS campaign allowing them to extend their reach as far and as wide as possible.

Ace’s website is another strong tool in their arsenal to keep their business at the forefront of the recycling services.

Bridge Biotechnology

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4th December

Bridge Biotechnology is a division of one of our long standing clients the Bridge Group of Companies. Our client is keen build awareness of a highly innovative product which is quite distinct from their core business. Art is an Option has worked closely with them to devise a suitable strategy for presenting the new business and its products.

Firstly we developed an overall brand for Bridge Biotechnology. In parallel an over-arching website was developed which explains the technology and the potential markets. The second exercise was to take their initial product “esol” and develop its own unique brand and present it within the website. We have used case studies to help explain the technology, the ecol product and also highlight the technologies huge potential for future development of environmentally friendly and sustainable sanitising solutions.