This is our first step in the journey, we learn about your company, what you do and how you do it, your audience and how we fit into your vision. 

Once we have a good idea of the direction we start to sketch our initial concepts. Working loosely in this way keeps the idea free flowing.

Following our initial brainstorm we start to refine these ideas to get a better feeling of how they feel.

After we have our refined ideas they are ready to be expanded upon in our final proposal showcasing our ideas. 

This step is all about exploring potential ideas so we can work together to define what best fits your project.



Once we have our broad range of ideas we work on defining the most promising. Throughout this process in collaboration with you to establish what ideas and concepts best reflect your mission and will resonate with your target audience. 



Once we have our selected concept we work on refining the stye, form and tone. This process allows us to explore all possible permutations to ensure the final design is the best representation. 



Once we have completed all of these steps we will have arrived at a well conceived final concept that expresses your message in a new and exciting way.